ACCUSPEC, Inc. ACCUSPEC, Home Inspection Service, Salt Lake City, UT 84118
At ACCUSPEC you can count on a thorough, professional and affordable home inspection.  Our goal is to EDUCATE home buyers on the overall condition of the home.  After all, purchasing a home is the largest personal investment you will ever make.

ACCUSPEC provides a detailed easy-to-read home inspection report with integrated photos.  The report is typically emailed to the client and their agent within 4 hours of completion of the home inspection. 

The "marginal" and "defective" summary pages allow you to effectively address concerns & negotiate with the seller.   Buyers also receive a 3-ring binder for their report, which includes a complimentary 92-page home repair & maintenance manual.  

Specialized testing such as mold, radon, methamphetamine & lead are also available. See "pricing" for costs associated with these

day's real estate market there are tw"Your Home IS Our Business!"